Welcome to this Community

The Links Apartments, with its lush surroundings and serene vistas, offers you prestigious apartment living designed to complement your personal lifestyle. Take a tour of The Links Apartments and explore the expansive living spaces, the common areas, and all the amenities we have to offer. With a variety of floor plans to choose from, you're certain to find one that's just right for you. APPLICATION CRITERIA & GENERAL OCCUPANCY STANDARDS
It has been and will continue to be the policy of the owners of this community, to provide equal housing opportunities for all people, regardless of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, handicap or familial status. All applications for residency are reviewed according to the criteria listed below. If the following criteria is not met, applicant could be required to pay additional deposits or denied.
1. RESIDENT/RENTAL HISTORY Future Residents must present two (2) years verifiable good rental history (must include addresses and telephone numbers where this information can be verified). All addresses on credit report are verified. 2. CREDIT Future Residents credit must be in good standings. Excessive late payments, collections, judgments, and bankruptcies may subject applicant to denial, additional deposits and or last month’s rent.
3. EMPLOYMENT Future Residents must present two (2) years of consecutive employment. Future residents' gross monthly income must be 3 times the scheduled rent of the apartment being leased. ACCEPTABLE PROOF OF INCOME: 1. Current paycheck stub 2. Copy of last years tax return 3. Letterhead from your employer stating your income, dates of hire, position, and social security number. * The letter must be from Human Resources or an Officer and notarized*
4. CRIMINAL HISTORY Applicant or any proposed occupants with any felony convictions will result in automatic denial for residency. Landlord also reserves the right to deny residency to any applicant with a misdemeanor convictions for violent crimes, stalking, drug or sexual offenses.
5. OCCUPANCY STANDARDS ARE AS FOLLOWS: Studio & One Bedroom 2 persons,Two Bedroom 4 persons